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IExcel 2016

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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.  It represents the wise choice of many alternatives by Will Foster. The month January is the time to every student of Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management to bring out their talent and skills in any sports event, literary and beauty pageant.
Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management is one of the biggest and most modern hospitality and culinary schools here in General Santos City. The school is offering multiple International certificates. Students graduate with the JIB Diploma, a Hospitality Professional Certificate from the American Hospitality Academy (USA) and Professional Certificate from Work Skills International (Australia). That truly proves that students from Joji Ilagan International school can play, perform and excel.
Last January 26-29, 2016 was the celebration of the IExcel 2016 a four days event of the Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management. It showcases the different talents and skills of the students. It teaches the students the value of Sportsmanship in the field of brain, bronze and beauty. This event reveals a variety of talents, skills, and in some cases, showcases a newly discovered capability of the students. Weeks before the said event, the students, together with their trusted advisers were busy planning on beating the other teams. The students were divided into three groups, the Culinary Department or the IronChef, the HRM-Entrepreneur Department or the Demi gods and of course the Tourism Department or the Hermes. It all started with the parade on the first day. The three main departments battle it out on their own floats with beautiful aesthetics that matches the theme of the IExcel 2016 which is, “Play, Perform and Excel.” Then the competition for the raising of the banners commenced and the culinary department got the lead. This was the sign of the upcoming results of IExcel 2016. Followed by the mass dance competition, which is a very entertaining experience with this year’s theme “Burlesque”. All of the dancers look great and very beautiful. The night ended up with a grand fireworks display with everybody jumping and shouting out for joy.
The second day of the intramurals was the battle of the bronze. The sports event mostly takes place at Big Shot located at National Highway, General Santos City and some were played inside the school field. Everybody was so pumped up to show their skills and give it all their best in the games. The games were fun and nerve wracking to watch. All were cheered and excited for their bets to win. Everybody got a great time in their own sports. At the end of the day what’s important is the value of sportsmanship. One student said, it’s better to lose a game than to lose a friend.
On the third day was all about the literary events. The competitors use their brains to battle it out for victory. Everybody looks so smart and brilliant. Joji Ilagan International School of Hotel and Tourism Management really do have intelligent students. Different ideas sprout inside the minds of the witty competitors. Every word that comes out of their mouths was filled with wisdom and sounds intellectual. There were types of competitions in the Literary Contest. They had a competition for Speech Choir, Story-Telling, Oration, Extemporary and many other more. Among all the competitions, the one that really got me blown away was the Speech Choir. The students were given the poem entitled, The Man with the Hoe by Edwin Markham to be demonstrated to this event. The competition consists of 10 or more members. They can provide their own props, and they can add some other scenes which are connected to the poem. It was amazing because The Man with a Hoe symbolizes injustice and perseverance of other people’s experiences. I went to see the event, truly amazed, the students really gave in some time to practice for this particular event, to make the ideal props and costumes, but not only that, these students were very theatrical when they delivered their lines with emotions.  After that the most awaited part of the IExcel was the Mr. and Ms. JIB-IS. The Mr. and Ms. JIB-IS was a competition beauty and brain of different departments, the winner of this competition will be the representative for the Mr. and Ms. JIB International were all the Joji Ilagan Bian’s schools participated.
On to the last day of the IExcel, which are the Larong Pinoy and the socio-cultural competition, the scores from the past few days were tallied and there was a close fight between the culinary and the tourism department. This was the last day to prove their worth as champions. The competition came to an end the close fight ended up with the culinary department being victorious. Through it all, it was all worth it and everybody came closer together.
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